#TBT: 12/18/2005: “C” Is For Cookie


If only my bunz Harry had a table low enough…. I would catch him in the act

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…and it’s good enough for “Desdemona,” a bunny and cookie thief. Photo by Kem Sypher, winner of the 2004 Oregon Humane Society’s photo contest. Submitted by Bens, who wishes us all a Merry Pigmas.


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quote for today: perfect

I think this…”perfectionist gene” that too many young women have holds them back, and instead they should be really aiming for “good enough.” You don’t have to be perfect. Most men never think like that. They’re just trying to figure out what’s the opening and how they can seize it. They’re not thinking about, Oh my gosh, I’m not perfect, my hair’s not perfect today, I wore the wrong shoes. No.

—Hilary Rodham Clinton

Journal entry: 3-day juice cleanse

Feeling dumpy and growing a tiny “belly pouch” was not something I anticipated as I got older, but here we are. Although by no means am I overweight for my body type/height – I felt that my overall health was diminishing a bit: skin breakouts, under eye bags, eating late/poor sleep habits, and lack of energy. I am a runner who stopped running for a bit – so my mood and cardiac health diminished as well.

I decide to get back on my meal prep and healthy eating by kick-starting with a little help from an organic juice cleanse. Working in lower Manhattan I am surrounded by hype about these things everywhere I turn (plus I work in fashion — yea). I hit up my best friend Groupon to seek out the most affordable and comfortable starter cleanse for me and I came upon Chef V. She is a bright eyed executive chef with a penchant for healthy cooking and has gained support from a doctor to provide affordable and convenient delivery of this green drink – to all counties in CA and most major cities on the East Coast.

Details to follow after my journal entry. This is a long one so be prepared! :)

My story:

Pre-cleanse – this is recommended for the 24-48 hrs before your cleanse, instructions are provided via e-mail when you buy your cleanse. I eat this way anyway (think – clean/paleo) and did well on the pre-cleanse – did it for a full week before. No alcohol and caffeine is what I had to focus on and weaned myself off of coffee by subbing in green tea when I got a headache. This lasted for a day or two but I got used to it and was able to convert to decaf herbal teas fully.

Day 1 – I ordered this for Labor Day Monday – so that was ridiculous of me but my motivation behind it was to avoid all of the bad food that can present itself. I didn’t go to any BBQs so I was essentially ok.

I received my delivery on time, between 6:30-7am, the window is a bit bigger but this was perfect. I made the mistake of going back to bed because I was delirious and wasn’t hungry – so I messed up my schedule for the day. Don’t do this people – once you receive the cooling bag open the instructions and try to get started right away (note, the product has to be refrigerated very soon after receipt).

I waited until 12 noon for my first timing and screwed up the portions for the day. I ended up hungry by dinner time and couldn’t hold out – I had a vegan burger on a lettuce bun and felt enormously full. I felt ok when I went to sleep and promised to follow better the next day – I had to go to work so my timing would be normal (or so I thought).

Cleanses deliver on a Monday – so make sure you pick a good time period for your life – no stressful events, no competitive sports events, parties, or heavy travel. You really should have the open mind set and relaxed body to do the cleanse for the most benefit. You’d want it to be a welcome change, not a burden.

Day 2 – I worked in a different office today and had a 1.5-2 hr commute in the morning. I brought my detox tea (your first thing for the day) in a thermal mug on this commute and was fine until I got to the office and did my first green drink. I kept the timing very well through the day and hydrated as recommended. I felt good – but was very cold in the office due to the a/c and drinking cold beverages all day. Layer up little ones!

Preparation is key – everything is provided to you so I was comfortable with the organization, I just had to ensure that since I was stepping out and going to be out of the house the whole day (yes, literally I did not get home til 11:30pm) I brought a cooler and all the liquids I needed to get me through those hours I wouldn’t have access to a store for water or a kitchen.

The nail biting today definitely got worse.

Curveball – I was stuck in traffic on my way to job #2 that afternoon for 3 hours on a bus with a questionable bathroom. Once I got to job #2 I was harried, stressed, hungry, thirsty (having only 1 bottle of H2O with me on the bus). I caved and gladly accepted my manager’s offer of a side portion of quinoa salad with grapes and apricots. I kept the rest of the schedule for the day excellently apart from this.

Day 3 – Kept the timing all day as I was at my usual office. No problems. I really started to get the hang of going to the restroom every 10-20 minutes. If you work in a more intimate environment I would warn your co-workers about the cleanse so they don’t look at you like you’re pregnant (or hungover…?).

I caved and had some salad around dinnertime – but I attribute this to the fact your body thinks its hungry when it hasn’t chewed on something. I couldn’t hold out an succumbed to peer pressure and had the darn salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I picked at the salmon on it but wasn’t interested. Couldn’t finish one glass of beer, which is great for once.

Post-cleanse – The next day I had one portion of green drink left (part of breakfast) and a soup (part of lunch) and gladly enjoyed them as part of my acclimation to the post-cleanse. You will be eating/drinking from the pre-cleanse list again to ensure you don’t shock your body into your usual (bad) routine. The days following I had this:

Breakfast: Tea (purchased detox team from a healthy shop), Green juice or my leftover Green Drink (because I messed up), Chia pudding made on almond milk, naturally sweetened with agave/honey and cinnamon with sliced banana.

Lunch – leftover detox soup (seasoned), salad with small portion of protein (gluten free fish sticks, or gluten free chicken fingers)

Dinner – Veggie burger on portobello mushroom with soy cheese, side of aspargus and tiny amount of brown rice

A week later, which is today – I am eating full meals but notice my appetite is smaller. I actually reordered the green drink delivery for the week after next so I can stay on top of feeling good. I tried to drink alcohol and eat steak on Sunday and succeeded, but considered this a cheat meal and went back to my normal hippie-dippy nutrition as of Monday.

Here is the nuts and bolts:

What you get:


Link to Chef V’s site for delivery

If you like the green drink and plan to have this brought to you weekly – it comes to less than $5 a day, you basically get enough for 3 servings a day for 7 days. Delivery is included in the cost of the items you are buying – there is no extra delivery fee! An average JuicePress bottled green juice here in NYC is $10.99, and a bodega fresh made green juice is about $5 for a medium (one serving) so I am not complaining here.

Link to the Groupon deal for cleanse

What’s in the green drink?


I am writing this from my experience, I bought the cleanse/green drink myself and all opinions are my own.

Happiness and health to all!




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